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How to Choose a Power Wheelchair in Chicago IL

Multiple reasons can cause a person to be unable to remain mobile. Sometimes, the problems are chronic or permanent, and some people suffer from temporary issues. When a person needs a Power Wheelchair In Chicago IL, they must shop carefully. With so many styles and options, individuals often find it difficult to choose a wheelchair that will give them the right level of power and function.

Tips for Shopping for an Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs improve mobility and allow for greater independence. Individuals should consult with their doctors first to determine what type of chair they require. The following offers some information many will find helpful when purchasing an electric wheelchair.

  • If a person requires a wheelchair for home use, they must consider chairs that offer easy maneuverability around a home. The chair should be compact and easy to steer.
  • Individuals should also consider where they will be taking their chairs out in their community. If a person will be traveling with a wheelchair, it is important to choose a chair that folds compactly or can be taken apart easily.
  • Different types of bases can be found on electric wheelchairs. Rear-wheel models offer the highest speed. Mid-wheel chairs are highly maneuverable, and front-wheel chairs are slow but best for uneven terrain.
  • The cushioning of the back and neck rest are extremely important, especially if a person will be using their chair for long periods of time. The cushions of a wheelchair can be filled with air, gel, or foam. Sores and irritation are less likely to occur with pressure-relieving cushions.
  • There are also multiple types of seats for power wheelchairs, including captain's seats and seats that recline. The type of seat a person chooses will solely depend on how long they will be using the chair and their specific needs. By choosing wisely, a person can rest assured they will be comfortable as they use their power wheelchair.

Learn More Today

Those who are interested in renting or purchasing an electric wheelchair or other mobility aids should contact Choice Mobility. Here, a person can view a wide array of mobility options and even try them.

When a person suffers from mobility concerns, their lack of independence can lead to self-worth issues and depression. With a powered wheelchair, individuals can safely become mobile again so they feel more independent. Contact the company today to get the help you need with any wheelchair purchase or rental.